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That is awesome!!  I can sure tell the difference.I appreciate your help on getting me back to normal.  Thanks again” Female

 “I'm doing very well, and feeling so much better.  My energy level has gone up greatly and can really feel the difference.” Female

 “I definitely feel much better, have more energy, and am pleased with the results.” Female

 “This really helps relationships!  I don’t know why this isn’t out there more?” Female 59 y/o

 “I am feeling pretty good. More energy. Mentally is where I've noticed the most difference. Feel more leveled out not up and down.

I am passing information onto a boss who does shots every two weeks. Hopefully he will call you.”  Male 42 y/o

 “Hi Becky, I'll get my labs done this week. I'm doing fine. More energy, no night sweats, sleeping better, sex is better. “ Female 58 y/o

 “You are welcome for the referrals.  It's SO fulfilling to see patients feeling better and have them express it!! “  Referring Physician’s Assistant and Female client

 “I'm doing well with the pellet. The hot flashes are gone!!!!! Yay! Consequently I'm sleeping better! (my boyfriend reminded me of that.) My joints are so much better. I can walk down the stairs in the morning without hanging on to the rail and the wall. Also I noticed that when I'm working, my joints aren't popping all the time like they had been. I think my thinking/memory is better. That one is harder to identify. And...now that I think about it, my libido has increased! That one is particularly fun.”  Female 55y/o

“Hi Becky!!I will go get my labs today. I have not made time to do so yet.You should know I'm feeling absolutely amazing. I can't even describe. I have been smoking a great deal but I"m putting that down as of today. So I might need to come in at the beginning of Jan to get new pellets but then they should last longer b/c NO SMOKING for me :) yay!!!!

I feel good! I have told two of my girlfriends about the pellets and they were maybe going to contact you.

Thank you so much for the reminder and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!”  Female 36 y/o

“Wow, I am REALLY surprised to see that my number is 1180?!?  I was thinking it wouldn’t get that high.

My mood is substantially better, I am waking up earlier and feeling better than ever in the AM, my energy level is up and I really feel great. This has fixed almost everything that I came to see you for! However, I still don’t feel like I am quite “there” on the sexual side of things (or maybe it’s not matching the great effects I am having for the other things)… and it’s definitely not meeting the results that my friend *** says he got.. but I am thinking that it’s b/c of the nicotine. Speaking of which, I started quitting the day I saw you and am on my last week (I am using the patches to quit). Also, I have been in the gym for about a week, which i think will also help a lot — as you said it would.. I just need to get over being so sore that I can’t brush my teeth.  ;-p  I am also taking the vitamins religiously.”  Male 43 y/o

Littleton Chiropractor | Testimonials. Dr. Ruth Graham is a Littleton Chiropractor.