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The Myokinesthetic System™ for Pain Relief

 The Myokinesthetic System™ (MYK) is a highly effective therapy that works to relieve pain, numbness and tingling, and to restore limited range of motion and posture that is not aligned.

 MYK is an individualized treatment. During the first session, a detailed postural assessment is performed. Deviations from normal posture allow the practitioner to identify the precise nerve root that is causing the problem.  Then, specific combinations of movement and muscle work are performed, addressing each muscle along that nerve pathway. Targeting and reeducating the nervous system balances the posture. When posture is balanced, range of motion will increase, and pain will disappear.

Posture is the outward expression of the nervous system.

                                                                   Michael Uriarte, D.C.*

A licensed massage therapist performs an MYK treatment, but is very different from traditional massage therapy. MYK is not chiropractic. At no time does the practitioner manipulate or “pop” bones.

 Some of the advantages of an MYK session are:

  • Painless 
  • Addresses specific complaints
  • Patient remains fully clothed
  • No oils or lotions are used
  • Short therapy sessions: 10-25 minutes
  • Results usually seen in 1-3 sessions


*Michael Uriarte, D.C. is the founder and developer of the Myokinesthetic System™.

 More information can be found on his website: www.myokinesthetic.com

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